how did I get here?

Moving to a new country, completely an utterly alone, is super scary. But once in awhile, you need to feel like you are pushing yourself to new heights and testing yourself. So, I said, screw it and I left my home country. I honestly can’t believe how I got here. I am in a foreign country, living the dream and yet, something is still missing in my life. I’m still not feeling completely happy and content with the life I am trying to live. I thought living my dream and really experiencing the world would truly help me find myself, but I feel lost as ever and now I have no one around me to help me. Sometimes, I think being alone is helping me, is helping question myself like I wouldn’t believe, questions that I wouldn’t normally ask myself when I have my people around myself. This is where the blog has come into play. I have been dreaming of putting myself more out into this world, so I am going to start small with a blog. I really hope I can find some fellow adventurers who are wanting to join me on this journey, cause this is just the beginning! XO